Effective feedback is an incredibly valuable tool and with QDP you can harness its power to make a meaningful impact on those who matter the most.

QDP are the specialists at running successful survey projects across the UK Education sector

We are dedicated to supporting organisations in fostering a culture of continuous improvement where stakeholder feedback is not only heard but also acted upon. With a proven track record of delivering successful survey projects, we have earned the trust of hundreds of FE/HE Providers, MATs, Schools, ILPs, and Prisons.

What sets us apart is our extensive collection of independent benchmarking data, which is the largest in the sector. This data allows us to provide valuable insights and comparisons, enabling you to gauge your performance against industry standards.

If you are about to start a new survey and could benefit from expert assistance, please call us on 01625 501917 or arrange a free consultation. Our dedicated customer services team is available to address all your survey-related inquiries. Let us help you unlock the full potential of feedback and drive meaningful improvements.


  • library of QDP models
  • bank of questions
  • full flexibility
  • online, paper or phone


  • SWOT analysis
  • wellbeing heat maps
  • internal and external benchmarking
  • trend analysis and more


  • full customer support
  • we take away the hassle
  • full training
  • personal account manager

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