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SouthMolton "Using QDP services for our survey projects has been fantastic and has enabled South Molton Community College to engage online with parents, governors, staff and students. From the analysis and reports that QDP produced from survey responses we have developed staff voice and parental choice. There is nothing I could suggest to make the service any better than it is. We would recommend QDP Services to other providers of learning and education.”

Dave Lewis, Principal, South Molton Community College

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Pupil Surveys

QDP’s Surveys will help you improve the learning experiences of your pupils and ensure their own perceptions of their health and safety, attainment, achievement, aspirations and general wellbeing match your vision and expectation. So turn up the volume of your pupils’ voice with QDP’s Pupil Survey. Produce and share evidence of their views and perceptions. Embrace and address their concerns promoting wellbeing through demonstrating your care and concern about what they think. Identify safeguarding issues that may slip under your radar and provide opportunities for early interventions. Detailed reports allow subject by subject, teacher by teacher feedback to ensure issues can be identified at all levels of the school.

Parent/ Carer Surveys

QDP’s surveys will help you engage your parent/carers through visibly promoting your commitment to listening to their voice, addressing the perceptions formed in at the school gate and harnessing their on-going support and deeper engagement in school life. Parent/ Carer surveys are arguably the highest impact survey in the suite.

Staff Surveys

QDP’s staff surveys are comprehensive and include staff safeguarding, wellbeing and 360 surveys. They will promote and strengthen team work to support and drive continual improvement. Surveys can be used to identify staff wellbeing issues enabling them to be addressed and for performance monitoring.

Management Surveys

Governor, school board or parent council feedback provides a quick self-assessment framework to ensure all your team are up to speed on school priorities and challenges. Evidence their understanding of the school’s strengths and concerns, actions and progress regarding addressing these issues. Identify any training requirements, knowledge gaps, miss perceptions ensuring that all your management team are conversant with the issues that the school faces at any time.

Vital Evidence for Improvement and Inspection

Improve your school governance by providing all your management team with a broad platform of externally benchmarked evidence to support constructive challenge to drive school wide sustainable improvement. The reports from parent/ carer, pupil and staff surveys provide the management team with the broadest school wide evidence set to enable constructive support and challenge at all levels within the school.

The surveys will provide evidence of all the fantastic opportunities to celebrate the success of your school together.

Leadership that embraces these feedback exercises and the derived data will undoubtedly position itself to drive sustainable and continued improvement in their school.

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