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SouthMolton "Using QDP services for our survey projects has been fantastic and has enabled South Molton Community College to engage online with parents, governors, staff and students. From the analysis and reports that QDP produced from survey responses we have developed staff voice and parental choice. There is nothing I could suggest to make the service any better than it is. We would recommend QDP Services to other providers of learning and education.”

Dave Lewis, Principal, South Molton Community College

Questionnaire Examples

Report Examples

Information Pack

QDP are specialists in delivering questionnaire based feedback services to schools.

We offer schools an unbeatable service at unbelievable prices. As the UK's largest independent specialist in questionnaire based feedback services to the Education and Skills sector we provide a proven track record of making survey projects a success.

Let QDP guide you through the survey process.

We are here to provide as much support as you need throughout the survey process. We want to build successful long term partnerships with all our school customers and believe that high quality customer service is vital.

QDP Surveys are designed by head teachers for head teachers.

Our surveys are designed in collaboration with school management staff and are quality assured by external advisors to ensure that we deliver quality feedback which::
  • Enable you to monitor the viewpoint of students, staff, parents and governors providing evidence for change and input for development planning;
  • Give you valuable input for your self-assessment
  • Provide evidence for your school action plan and for Ofsted inspections
  • Provide you with data that allows you to compare your school with others across the UK

What QDP offers...

QDP undertake all your survey work on your behalf. We will:

  • Provide models for your selected target audience which can be changed to suit your particular need. Just select the questions you require from our models or matrix. You can change the wording to suit your school or add questions of your own.
  • Guide you on how to get the best from your reports by detailed targeting.
  • Build your questionnaires and load your targeting information.
  • Provide the links ready for invigilation or, if required, print your questionnaires and despatch them to you with a business reply envelope for you to return them.
  • A full set of reports will be produced and will be available online to allow your management team and governors to view them 24/7 at school or at home.
  • Online reports training is available and free of charge should you need it.

Surveys you can run...

The 360 package allows you to run the full suite of surveys, pupil, parent, staff, governor and any other surveys you may wish to run as often as you like within a twelve month period. The charge covers the costs of running them all online. Paper is available for a small charge. You can even run a combination of the two. QDP provide ready built questionnaire models for all your all target groups. You can:

  • Use these as they stand if you wish
  • Amend question wordings – the revised wording will be checked to ensure it remains able to be benchmarked
  • Add your own questions
  • Remove questions
  • Or create a questionnaire of you own from scratch

The choice is yours

Questionnaires models available...

Questionnaire models are available for:

  • Pupils – one model for each year from year 7 through to year 13. These provide a single view of the teaching across the school
  • Pupils – the questionnaire can also be split to target each subject the pupils are taking
  • Parent/Carers
  • Staff
  • Governors
  • E-safety for both parents and pupils

And more!

Your reports...

QDP produce a comprehensive set of reports for every survey undertaken. These reports are easy to understand whilst still containing all the detail you need to make informed decisions when planning for change. All our reports have been specifically designed in collaboration with senior educational professionals to ensure schools get real value from their survey projects
QDP reports provide invaluable, impartial evidence for a school's self-assessment, they highlight success and identify areas of weakness and can be used to inform your school's development plan. Reports can be produced in Inspection Framework order if required.
If you want support interpreting your report information please call us and one of our Customer Services Team will guide you through using your report data

Examples of the report styles enclosed are:
  • Summary Report. Provides an overview of the results and pulls out the highlights and areas of weakness. If appropriate shows a summary by inspection framework
  • Graphical Report. Provides a comparison of your school against similar schools both at school level and also by year and each demographic. Shows how each part of the schools compares to others and the change from previous year
  • Other reports are available including Internal Benchmarks and Distance Travelled