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Apprenticeships have become a major part of the UKs training and learning environment with around one million people choosing this approach.
The UK system has given rise to a disparate network of providers often left with a lack of support and supervision. The network of around 1500 listed on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers #RoATP are all graded to ensure they reach the quality required.

"Organisations graded as inadequate by Ofsted for 'apprenticeships' (or inadequate for 'overall effectiveness' under its FE and skills remit where there is no separate apprenticeship grade) are ineligible to apply to the register."
Says Ofsted the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

The RoATP has therefore become the main league table of quality in the apprenticeship sector with de-listing meaning fewer applicants and a major cut in funding. Remaining on the list and in a healthy position makes well performing providers more likely to gain learners and credit for an excellent learning environment

Measure Success

At present Ofsted rate providers in a number of categories in order that they can take an overall position on the effectiveness of the institution organisation and the quality of learning it provides. This is done in several areas, Financial Health, Compliance, Capability and Capacity, and Quality. Should a provider not meet the required standard in these areas it is in danger of being struck off the register with all the problems that brings. However for many providers the only time they are rated is by Ofsted making the results a matter of life or death.

Continually Assess ...

By using QDP Services approach it is possible to continually assess the quality of your organisation institution and ensure that when Ofsted come to pass judgement your institution is you are prepared. QDP was established over 20 years ago running questionnaire projects for Colleges across the UK and has gone on to be the UK’s largest independent provider of questionnaire based feedback services to the education and learning sector. QDP now work with all types of education provider from primary schools through secondary schools, colleges and independent learning provides to Universities – we give your students a voice.