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Measure Success with QDP’s surveys and make a real difference

Harness the voice of your Apprenticeships with QDPs 360 degree feedback and ensure that your apprentices receive the best learning experience in readiness for the next stage of their journey. Benefit from your feedback programmes with timely easy to digest reports that will identify causes for concern which you can target for improvement as well as celebrate success to enhance your organisations reputation. Being able to demonstrate your commitment to continual improvement is key to maintaining your ongoing support from inspectors, funding bodies and learning partners.

QDP’s 360 degree Apprentice Survey will measure your Apprentices skills, behaviour and knowledge from the viewpoints of your Apprentices themselves, their managers and their peers. QDP’s reports form individual apprentice records as well as discreet overall aggregations.

QDP’s feedback can also provide you with fresh and relevant data appertaining to Compliance, Capability, Capacity and Quality as well as Health and Safeguarding issues. Using a proven, recognised independent provider of feedback services to the education sector is the most cost effective approach you can employ. QDP have always been proud that inspectors recognise our work knowing that it is robust in its process and delivery and can be relied upon by all stakeholders.

If struggling with time and resources is a problem for you, QDP Services provide a fast, effective, headache free and very affordable solution specifically to support you.

Whether you choose to use:

• QDP’s Survey Manager giving you the versatility to manage your own surveys, creating bespoke questionnaires or choose from over 30 questionnaire templates supplied and ready for immediate use, or;

• Let QDP do the work for you with our Full Service with extremely fast turnaround, 6 working days, ensuring your data is fresh and relevant.

QDP have tried and tested questionnaire models covering all your requirements and will provide detailed easy to digest reports including drill to source, trends and stratified benchmarking.

Take advantage of QDP 25 years’ experience of providing the valuable independent evidence for education practitioners throughout the UK.

Add your company’s voice to the growing number throughout the UK who recognise QDP as the best value in the sector! Call QDP and harness the full power of your apprentices and customers voices and our services. Our team will support you every step of the way.

Quality Drives Performance with QDP Services

Torfaen Training
"Torfaen Training have found the support and assistance from QDP services extremely helpful. Support staff have always responded quickly, politely and in a professional manner.
QDP services enabled us to carry out our annual learner voice survey efficiently through a mixture of paper-based and online versions, which ensured all learners, including those in our sub-contractor partners are offered the opportunity to participate.
The administration of the survey was straightforward and the analysis and evaluation reports provided meaningful data related to the Estyn CIF. This provided qualitative and quantative data to use to inform our self-assessment and quality improvement activities. The layout and presentation of the reports are varied and in a variety of formats for us to use in different contexts and the opportunity to benchmark our overall satisfaction across our provision was invaluable.
We feel confident to be able to continue to use and promote QDP services as a valuable resource to improve our quality processes."

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