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Total Coverage

QDP cover all aspects of feedback for education -
The Master Matrix, Questionnaires, Survey Methods, Reports, Benchmarking and Total Support

  • The Master Matrix
    The QDP Master Matrix contains over 300 statements available at 3 reading levels and pictorial, mapped to inspection frameworks to help inform your SAR.
    The Learner Master Matrix is at the heart of QDP’s questionnaires:
    • Over 300 statements built up by our Customers to cover all issues
    • Statements cover the Learner journey
    • Statements available at three reading levels, 14, 11 and 9 and also available in Widgits
    • Benchmarks available for all matrix statements
    • Statements mapped to Inspection Framework, Outcomes for Children and SFA to allow reporting by these and thus inform your self assessment reports
    • Statements added to cover the new Framework for Excellence
    The  Employers with Apprentices QDP Master Matrix for Learners

  • Questionnaires
    Off the shelf, amendable questionnaire models to address all types of learners covering the learner journey from pre course advice to destination.
    • On the shelf models available for all learner types, be it full time, part time,HE, apprentices etc.
    • Models are split, where applicable, to cover the Learners journey from pre course advice and guidance through induction, on-programme, exit to destination.
    • All models built from the master matrix and thus can be interleaved and the data gathered can be easily reported, compared and benchmarked.
    • Simple 4 point response scale to allow easy completion and understanding of the results.
    • Comments will be typed verbatim and can be collected at any reporting level. For example by Course, Sector & Subject Area or All Provider.
    • Totally flexible - you can add, remove or change questions to suit your own particular circumstances.
      Examples available:
      Full time – On programme Full time – On programme
      Apprentices Apprenticeship
      Widget – On programme Widget – On programme

  • Survey Methods
    Multiple survey methods available to ensure all learners can be reached in the most cost effective manner. Paper based, online, full mailing and telephone can mixed and matched as needed.

  • Reporting
    Easily digestible reports for all stakeholders which readily identify top performers and locate areas causing concern.

  • Benchmarking
    Benchmarks for all views drawn from the voices of 1,500,000 Learners.
    • The voices of over 1,500,000 learners heard in the last 3 years
    • All benchmarks are available by learner views and by provider quartile
    • Benchmarks available by:
      • Provider Type
      • Size
      • Location (Inner City, London, Town, Rural)
      • LSC Region
      • Mode of Attendance
      • Learner type (14-16 Increased Flexible Learning, Community Based, Distance Learners, ESOL, Franchise, Full time, HE (HEFC funded), Part Time, Supported Learners, Work Based Learners)
      • Notional Level
      • Sector & Subject Area
      • Age
      • Ethnicity
      • Gender
      • Disability
      • Learning Difficulty

  • Total Support
    Support throughout each survey from initial planning through to completion.