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What type of Survey do you want to run ...

Organisational performance is intrinsically linked to people and culture. Our questionnaires will let you 'take the pulse' of all your stakeholders and enable you to focus your organisational improvements. All our questionnaires have been developed, tried and tested by our users, many of which are Inspectors.

QDP have questionnaires models for all types of audience which are FREE for all our members and are available online within our SurveyManager software or from the Customer Services team.

Pupil/Learner Surveys

We have questionnaire models for all ages from 5 to 100 and beyond, for all types of course and levels which can form the basis of your survey project. The models will evaluate your teaching and learning and your organisation facilities. Models are also available for all programme types including full time, adult education, apprentices and distance learning to name but a few! Where appropriate these surveys can track the learner journey from transition/ induction through on programme and exit to destination.

Staff Surveys

Our staff surveys are specifically designed for use in the Learning and Skills sector. Models are available which cover the Investors in People principles as well as safeguarding, bullying and 360 evaluation. These allow you will get the clearest possible view of staff perception about those critical "people" issues in your organisation.

Employer Surveys

As with all our surveys our Employer Engagement Survey is independent, confidential and turned round rapidly to ensure meaningful results. They can be used to evaluate performance or to understand reputation. A variety of methods are available to providers to ensure their Employer Engagement Survey is effective. In QDP's experience the telephone provides the best response.

Parent/Carer Surveys

QDP know parents and carers are a vital source of opinion and feedback particularly where young pupils are concerned. The surveys provide a snap shot measure of parent/carer perceptions about discipline, organisation climate, learning environment, staff and parent relations, academic progress and student social progress.

How do you want to deliver your Survey...?

Multiple survey methods available to ensure all stakeholders can be reached in the most cost effective manner. Paper based, online, full mailing and telephone can mixed and matched as needed.

Paper Based

We prepare and print the targeted number of questionnaires for each group and dispatch them to you ready for invigilation in accordance with our best practice guidance. Referred to as "Our Golden Standard" because the process is rigorous, robust and consistently delivers reliable information.

On Line

Surveys can be run online using either QDP’s SurveyManger or via our Customer Services team. First, as a straight replacement for paper questionnaires within a classroom invigilated environment. The invigilation remains tight and thus response rates are similar to those for paper based surveys. Alternatively, a link to the survey can be mailed to each individual to complete in their own time. This is applicable to staff, employers and distance learners who are traditionally difficult to reach. Each individual being surveyed is given a unique reference which directs them to their questionnaire and prevents them from filling it in more than once

Mailing Service

We offer a full mailing service, which entails QDP taking all the hassle away from you. We will print your questionnaires and together with a covering letter supplied by you and our business reply envelope to allow direct return of completed questionnaire to QDP, we post them to the chosen target group and collect the returns supporting full confidentiality for respondents.

Telephone Unit

Using our telephone unit to carry out your survey offers direct contact with each target to help ensure a good response rate even from those hard to reach audiences. Each target is contacted multiple time at different points during the day including evenings and if required weekends.


  •   Off the shelf, amendable questionnaire models available for all surveys.
  •   Learner models split to cover the journey from pre course advice and guidance through induction, on-programme to exit and destination.
  •   All response scales accomodated
  •   All models built from the master matrix and thus can be interleaved and the data gathered can be easily reported, compared and benchmarked.
  •   Comments typed verbatim and collected at any reporting level.
  •   Fully supported throughtout the survey process by our dedicated Customer Services Team.
  •  Totally flexible - you can add, remove or change questions to suit your own particular circumstances.