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Staff Surveys

Organisational performance is intrinsically linked to people and culture. Our staff questionnaire will enable you to 'take the pulse' of your staff and really focus organisational improvement through your people.

  • Our staff survey is specifically designed for use in the Learning and Skills sector.
  • Reports produced are in the "QDP style" – simple to read and quick to get to the heart of your successes and issues.
  • They allow you to identify, understand and quickly act on staff perception.
  • You will get the clearest possible view of staff perception about those critical "people" issues in your organisation.
    • The clarity of your mission.
    • How extensively your values are understood and shared.
    • The effectiveness of your communication strategies.
    • How your staff feel about the support from their managers.
    • How clear they are about their work objectives and plans.
    • How secure and committed your staff are feeling.
  • Our reports will compare your results against our extensive sector wide benchmarking data, so they are great to use for your Self Assessment and Inspection.
  • Over 100 questions are now available! Use our "off the shelf" survey or select a bespoke survey for your own Organisations and focus on the issues that matter to you.
  • Benchmark against the largest database of staff opinions in the Learning & Skills Sector!
  • Give yourselves more quality time and energy for continual improvement strategies

Three models are available:

College Staff College Staff
School Staff School Staff
Private Training Provider Staff Private Training Provider Staff

The above issues are reported on in accordance with your own structure, for example: Curriculum Area, Service or Support Area, Job Role, Contract Type, Gender, Time Employed, Age Group, Site & Ethnicity. All statements in the questionnaire are mapped against the IIP framework and reports are easily generated to identify performance against this standard.