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QDP Reports

Quality reporting which truly informs

Once a feedback project has been completed it is important for schools to be able to interpret the information they have collected.

QDP produce a comprehensive set of reports for every survey undertaken. These reports are easy to understand whilst still containing all the detail teachers need to make informed decisions when planning for change. All our reports have been specifically designed in collaboration with senior educational professionals to ensure schools get real value from their survey projects.

QDP reports provide invaluable, impartial evidence for a school's SEF, they highlight success and identify areas of weakness and can be used to inform your school's development plan. QDP will also report your results summarised against the 'Every Child Matters' agenda.

Report Styles

QDP create seven major report styles.
These are:

All QDP reports are available 11 working days (if paper) or 2 working days (if online) after the completion of your questionnaires.