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QDP 360°

Let QDP take care of all your survey needs for just £360 per year!

You can run as many pupil, parent, staff or governor surveys as you need to each year. You can run each survey on paper or online - you choose!

QDP 360 offer

QDP will support you throughout each of your surveys from start to finish. We have a trained Customer Services team who will advise you and help you to ensure your surveys are a success and that you get the data you need.

Once you have purchased QDP 360° just let us know which surveys you want to run and let us take away the hassle . We will provide questionnaire models built in collaboration with practicing head teachers, educational advisors and Ofsted inspectors. The 360 surveys have been designed to capture all the information you need to inform your school improvement plans and evidence any school inspection you may have.

QDP 360 offer
Choose to run your surveys on paper or online and we will print your questionnaires or load the surveys onto our web site.
We will offer advice on how to ensure you get high response rates and how to invigilate your survey.

Once you decide your survey has been completed all you need to do is return the questionnaires to us in the business reply bag we provided or let us know and we will download the online data. We will then process your information and produce a set of comprehensive but easy to understand reports which we will deliver to you within 6 working days (if paper) or 2 working days (if online).

Our service doesn't stop there! To ensure you get the most value from your survey data we offer free report training sessions where your Customer Services representative will walk you through all your reports helping you interpet your data and identify any issues highlighted.