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QDP Benchmarking

QDP have built a culture of quality improvement based upon sharing best practice and providing schools with an honest reflection of their performance against others. Benchmarking is the process by which QDP rate results against others, both within your own school and externally against similar schools.

QDP provide two sets of benchmarking reports to ensure that you as a school get the best possible view of your strengths and weaknesses.
Internal benchmarking is available for schools that require reporting by class or year group. QDP’s graphical reporting makes it easy to compare perceptions of teaching and learning across class groups at a glance. Our reports then enable you to drill down into the base level data to interrogate any issues that are highlighted.
QDP also provide external benchmarks against schools which are similar to yours. These benchmarks are available for pupils, staff and parent carer and where appropriate are produced by:

  • The National view
  • Primary or Secondary
  • Year
  • Region
  • Size of school
  • Area in which the school resides (i.e. Inner city, Town, Country)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Supported Learner

All external benchmarks are currently produced at the end of the Academic Year in which the survey was run.