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SAFEGUARDme is specifically designed to support our customers in their efforts to ensure no one in your care is vulnerable.

It is a fast, effective and affordable way for you to reinforce your safeguarding procedures by providing an extra layer of vigilance to ensure you support and protect all your members and staff.


Independently managed by QDP, SAFEGUARDme gives those in your care a voice to report any concern they have with absolute confidence. Because it is an independent process the outcomes stand up to the scrutiny of all your stakeholders giving them complete confidence in your efforts to ensure your safeguarding procedures are robust and effective.
SAFEGUARDme ensures ownership by your staff of the outcomes and commitments to actions.
SAFEGUARDme quickly identifies causes for concern providing early warnings allowing you to facilitate early interventions.
SAFEGUARDme helps ensure no one in your care is vulnerable.

Share evidence...

Enhance your reputation by celebrating your success sharing the evidence with partners and sponsors. SAFEGUARDme enables you to share best practice through our unique benchmarking reports adding even more value to SAFEGUARDme. SAFEGUARDme is easy to implement and fully supported by our dedicated team. Make SAFEGUARDme an integral part of your Annual Health check. QDP have been supporting Safeguarding in Education & Training across the UK for over 25 years.