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Survey Manager

QDP are proud to announce the next generation of survey tools which let you run your QDP surveys in-house.

If you are looking for a way of taking more control of your surveys but want the reassurance of an experienced quality team behind you – Survey Manager from QDP is your solution.

What is Survey Manager?

We have taken our experience of running successful survey projects and have created an online toolkit which lets you run your own projects in-house whilst retaining all the benefits of QDP's service and expertise.

Rick Phillips MD, QDP Services

Survey Manager is an online software package that has been designed and built by QDP to put you back at the heart of your feedback projects. We have created a unique software product which allows you to design, build and publish questionnaires online or in paper format, receive real-time, online reports whilst still retaining all the support and guidance that QDP has provided for nearly 20 years.

Create your own questionnaires. Use a QDP library model as a template or build your own bespoke questionnaires from scratch, copy last year’s survey forward or build your questionnaire from the QDP bank of pre- loaded questions - the choice is yours! QDP will still help and guide you throughout your survey project and are always there to provide the reassurance a trained quality team gives.

Setting up Your Survey

Use the QDP library of questionnaires

  • All questionnaire models available to use or modify
  • Add or remove questions as you wish
  • QDP will update all the questionnaire models each year making sure you address all the current issues in the education and skills sector

Copy forward last year’s Survey

  • All your existing surveys pre-loaded for you
  • Use last year’s survey as a template for the current year
  • Link surveys to get your distance travelled reporting

Build New questionnaires

  • Create your own questionnaires
  • Create your own questions
  • Design ad hoc surveys and save them in your Survey Manager library so you can use them again

How will your survey be completed

Online Surveys

Accessed via an emailed link or by logging onto the secure QDP web server

Paper Surveys

Printed and distributed by QDP, or printed and distributed by you

Telephone Surveys

QDP run an in-house telephone unit to make all your calls for you…


Detailed Reporting From QDP

  • Real time Interim reports for all cohorts
  • Real time All Returns to help improve response rates
  • Full report set generated once your survey is closed
  • Comprehensive External Benchmarking
  • Reports available on the web in Survey Manager
  • Reports CD and paper copies are available