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Revision Plan is a cloud based and mobile app product that has been designed by teachers for use by teachers to provide structured revision for all pupils to achieve their best at exam time.

RevisionPlan is designed to create a day by day plan for each student based on their target grades or achievement and can be used for:

  • • All students revising for their exams whether it be GCSE, A Levels, Nationals, Highers, Junior or Leaving Certificate
  • • Students revising for mocks
  • • Students revising towards an assessment
The revision plans can be accessed online, downloaded as a pdf, or accessed within a Mobile App by both the pupils and their parents/ carers.

A day by day plan tailored to each student

RevisionPlan provides a detailed day by day, task by task plan in the pupils' hand. The task content is created by you for each subject and, if required, by grade or level of attainment which is matched to each pupil’s targets.

Monitor progress

Teachers can monitor the progress of each pupil and see where they are struggling with a particular task. Key points, such as revision days can be included to ensure all pupils are at the same point within the chosen subject. Test can also be included to ensure the pupils have undertaken and understood the tasks.

Parents/ Carers have access to the plan so that they know what their child is doing each evening and how well they are coping with the revision.

Improve your results

RevisionPlan has improved the outcome for pupils in all the schools in which it has been used. Call us to find out more

Belmont Community
“The students found it extremely useful with many opting for the paper and with the help of RevisionPlan achieved impressive results. I would recommend RevisionPlan.”

Dan Brinton
Belmont Community School

RevisionPlan will:

  • Enable you to create structured, personalised revision plans for pupils of all abilities.
  • Allow your staff to create differentiated tasks then allocate them to pupils based on target grades or prior attainment.
  • Provide plans that can be used to effectively to support disadvantaged pupils with their exam preparation.
  • Emphasise the importance of exam preparation.
  • Provide a revision plan that helps pupils manage their workload and prioritise revision in all subject areas – an essential skill to ensure progress is consistent across all exams taken.
  • Strengthen the home/school partnership by providing parents/ carers with a clear, concise summary of all revision to be undertaken. Parents/ carers can then more effectively support and monitor their child's revision.