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New from QDP! RevisionPlan is designed to help every pupil achieve their very best at exam time.

It enables you to create individual, personalised learning plans for pupils of all abilities. RevisionPlan allows you to:

  • create plans subject by subject differentiated by target grade if needed
  • create different plans for different target grades for each subject
  • setup an overall work load including holidays and rest days
  • define the exam and revision lesson schedule - essential to ensure progress is consistent across all exams taken
  • use the plans to effectively support Pupil Premium students with their exam preparation through supervised revision sessions
  • engage your parents by seeing the child’s individual revision plan

RevisionPlan creates an individual plan for each pupil based on the subjects they are taking and the grade they are expected to achieve. The plan provides for holidays and rest days and produces a sensible plan to meet the various exam dates. Each plan is easy to follow and a copy can be shared with parents to help them help their child achieve their best.

The feedback from the initial users of RevisionPlan has been fantastic! Find out more and call or email us today.

  Download an Example Revision Plan in PDF format

St. James' Catholic High School

"This is the best result in the history of the school"

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