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QDP’s surveys provide an easy and efficient way of gathering the vital evidence you need to showcase successes and identify areas for improvement. At QDP Services we can offer a survey system that is designed to gather feedback from multiple schools and report it both at school level and across the MAT. The surveys align with Ofsted Common Inspection Framework which together with QDP’s unique external benchmarking will support key strategic decision making within the MAT and with the individual schools.

Join the growing number of Academy Trusts that QDP have assisted to gain valuable feedback from their pupils, parent/carers, staff and Board members. Take advantage of QDP’s expertise and 25 years’ experience of running successful surveys in the education sector. QDP detailed and easy to digest reports include internal school by school benchmarking, distance travelled and our unique external benchmarking.

Let QDP Services assist with your survey projects to gain the information you need to drive forward rapid improvement across the trust and within each school. Some examples include:

  • • Gather feedback from parent/ carers to capture the perceptions at the school gate and inform self-assessment and engage parent/ carers using ‘you said, we did'.
  • • Gather pupil feedback for curriculum planning, evaluations of one off events and vocational/work based learning.
  • • Ensure the wellbeing of all within the trust using QDP’s safeguarding and wellbeing surveys.
  • • Gain staff views and opinions and allow this to inform improvement plans and performance management.
  • • Feed the analysis and data from QDP’s unique reports into the MAT and the schools self-assessment.
  • • Identify strengths and gaps within your management team with skills audit surveys.

Star Academies
"Star Academies commissioned QDP to undertake a survey to capture the views of all the staff in our nationwide family of schools. As a values based organisation committed to creating an engaging and enjoyable work experience for all colleagues, it was essential to us that we provided all our colleagues the chance to tell us about what it was like to work within Star. Using QDP proved a good business decision. The challenge of coordinating a survey of this importance across a national network of over 20 schools was a major undertaking.

QDP’s depth of experience meant they understood our requirements and knew exactly what we wanted and how to go about getting it. In addition, their independence gave our staff confidence in the anonymity of the process and a greater degree of confidence in buying into the outcomes.

The comprehensive reports produced gave each school their own detailed and easy to digest reports allowing them to own their results and feed into their own school improvement planning. Additionally, the aggregated set of reports provided to the Trust, allowed easy comparison between schools and interrogation to identify causes and origins of concern, as well as the many reasons to celebrate and enhance the wellbeing of all staff across the Trust.

With the support of QDP over 1000 online surveys were returned achieving a response rate of 68%. We are looking forward to repeating the survey in a few months' time, and receiving distance travelled reports showing our progress in the areas targeted by each of our schools, as well as progress across the Trust. "

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