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Learner Surveys

Our questionnaires models are FREE for all our members, available on our CD "The QDP Reference Library" together with our "User Guide" and supporting documentation. The following learner specific questionnaires models are available:

Induction  Induction: Full Time
On Programme  On Programme: Full Time
Exit  Exit: Full Time
Subject Specific  Subject Specific
Across School  Across School
Part Time Qualification, College/Provider Based  Part Time Qualification, College/Provider Based
Part Time Leisure, College/Provider Based  Part Time Leisure, College/Provider Based
Part Time Qualification, Community Based  Part Time Qualification, Community Based
14-16 Increased Flexible Curriculum  14-16 Increased Flexible Curriculum
Lesson Observation  Lesson Observation
Apprentices  Apprentices
Distance Learning  Distance Learning
      Early Leaver
Distance Learning  ESOL
A Supported Learner pictorial Questionnaire  A Supported Learner pictorial Questionnaire
Training in the Workplace  Training in the Workplace

These questionnaires are split where applicable to cover the learner’s journey from Pre Course Advice and Guidance, Induction, On Programme, Exit to Destination. All of our questionnaires are available in three reading levels, 14, 11 & 9 as well as pictorial versions. The collection methods are selected to suit each survey.
The QDP questionnaires support the production of a comprehensive, easy to use and understand set of reports. As part of each survey the results are benchmarked against the voices of 600,000 learners gathered over the last academic year.