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Employer Surveys

A new focus on Employer Engagement to Measure Success! As the UK leading provider of feedback services to education, more and more training providers are now adopting QDP's new Employer Engagement Survey Service to contribute to, and help them Measure Success!

As with all our surveys our Employer Engagement Survey is independent, confidential and turned round rapidly to ensure meaningful results. Clear and easy to understand reports in the nationally accepted QDP format make it easy to address causes for concern and build a solid picture over time.

The employer models have recently been revised to ensure they are in-line with the Training Quality Standard.

Five models are available:

Employers with Apprentices Employers with Apprentices
Employers with Sponsored Employees Employers with Sponsored Employees
Employers using Bespoke Provision Employers using Bespoke Provision
General Employer Model General Employer Model

These are drawn from a matrix of nearly sixty statements all of which can be benchmarked against providers of a similar type or size or within a particular region.
All our questionnaires have been developed, tried and tested by our users, many of which are Ofsted & Ali Inspectors.
A variety of methods are available to providers to ensure their Employer Engagement Survey is effective. In QDP's experience the telephone provides the best response.