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Welcome to QDP Services - the largest independent supplier of questionnaire data processing services to the UK Education and Skills Sector.

Gathering reliable, robust survey data takes much more than a questionnaire!

At QDP, our expertise lies in focusing on the data your survey needs to deliver. We design questionnaires that elicit clear, relevant information that compliments and enriches your existing procedures.

What we offer:

QDP Services' customers have undertaken thousands of projects which have lead to the voices of over 6,000,000 Learners, Staff, Employers and Parents being heard.

Quality reporting which truly informs

QDP produce a comprehensive set of reports for each survey as standard. The "standard set" is tailored to each individual survey and to each Customer's needs.

  • QDP's report your data in an easy to understand format which allows managers to make decisions based upon robust, independent information.
  • We produce both graphical and raw data reports which allow everyone to focus on strengths and areas of weakness.
  • The suite of reports QDP produce have been designed in partnership with quality managers to ensure everyone can access the data collected and act upon it with confidence.
  • QDP's reports travel to all levels within an organisation. One set of reports will give senior managers an overall view of performance whilst reports produced at a course level will inform individual practitioners of their own performance.
  • QDP have the largest benchmarking database in the UK and are able to give an invaluable view of an organisations performance compared to its peers. If you want to understand your performance in the wider context of the sector, QDP's benchmarking reports will give you the data you need.